Experience Techno-Thriller in Another Level, Those Who Hunt Wolves

“Those Who Hunt Wolves” is the debut novel by international author Harrison Taylor. In his debut book, Harrison Taylor offers a techno-thriller book that serves as a wake-up call to what our world would become if technology went out of hand—it tackles the possible terrifying effects of technology not just in the world but also on humanity.


The world continues to develop each day, alongside the increase in our reliance on the convenience technologyThose Who Hunt Wolves provides. Technology undoubtedly provided ease with functionality and efficiency, but what would happen if something good turns into the reason for possible world destruction? Those Who Hunt Wolves explores the other side of technology—its dark side. If you’re a massive fan of sci-fi, thrillers, and action-adventure, this book is for you!


Those Who Hunt Wolves

Harrison Taylor just released his debut techno-thriller novel Those Who Hunt Wolves last February 22, 2022.


The fate of nations, and humanity itself, revolves around the Blackout, the United States’ most powerful—and most enigmatic—weapon. It’s the US government’s most guarded secret, as well as the key to unthinkable control for those who know about it and wish to leverage its potential for their own endeavors. When it’s stolen by the last remaining Wolf—a super-soldier created by a military experiment—it’s up to the three former members of a top-secret group to hunt down the Wolf and get it back before it’s too late. But who’s working for whom? Amid political intrigue and an impending international crisis, no one is who they seem, and anything can happen.

Those Who Hunt Wolves is indeed a page-turning book filled with thrill and adventure. Harrison Taylor’s goal with Those Who Hunt Wolves is to give readers an exhilarating experience, similar to how they are when reading a movie. Taylor also mentioned that he watched scenes from Quentin Tarantino movies before writing, so expect this book to be action-packed and extensive in detail!


Meet the Author

Born in Colorado, Harrison Taylor started from being just a fan to becoming a novelist himself. Filled with passion, Taylor chased his dream of storytelling. Taylor grew up watching Westerns and James Bond films with his dad and reading comics with his brother, both of which contributed to developing his love for storytelling. Despite pursuing a different field initially, his passion reminded him to continue writing stories, infusing real-life experiences into his books, and becoming an author himself. His very first prose story was The Pharmacy.


Those Who Hunt Wolves is published by Metal Rooster Publishing House, an independent publishing house dedicated to telling captivating stories across the genre spectrum—they are dedicated to helping others build worlds from worlds. Aside from that, the publishing house is also committed to inspiring others to pick up that pen, paint, brush, or mic and create! Their core belief is that the best stories are not told in Black and White but many shades of grey.


Those Who Hunt Wolves is currently available on Amazon. Grab your copy now!

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