Escape the Meatrix is Offering the Red Pill

When Stuart Waldner replaced meat with plant products, he realized that killing and consuming animals isn’t as natural as people think it is. The term he coined for this phenomenon, the Meatrix, is in reference to the Matrix since that movie is about the protagonist figuring out the world he lives in is fake. It is believed that animal meat provides nutrients that cannot be found elsewhere. Through extensive research and witnessing what beneficial changes a plant-based diet caused to his body, Stuart discovered that the idea of animal meat as a crucial part of someone’s diet is a lie that has been deeply conditioned into people. We’ve all fallen victim to the Meatrix and the monopoly that’s surrounded animal meat for centuries. Get ready readers; Stuart will help you escape the Meatrix when you crack open his book.


This Health and Wellness Nonfiction Reveals Why Plant-Based Food is Better for Someone’s Health and the World

Escape the Meatrix is Waldner's first book.
Escape the Meatrix will open readers’ eyes to the truth about meat.

Escape the Meatrix is Stuart Waldner’s first novel. It’s a health and wellness nonfiction book about how plants can replace meat as a substantial food source. The novel follows Stuart Waldner as he highlights how cutting animals out of his diet improved his health. It also shows that this change can have a positive impact on the world as a whole.


Stuart Waldner dives into his experience as a plant-based eater. He believes everyone would benefit from following in his footsteps. The courage it takes to challenge a worldwide belief is intriguing to the point where everyone should read this book.

Author of Escape the Meatrix.
Stuart Waldner is the author of Escape the Meatrix.

Stuart Waldner Recounts his Experiences When Changing to a Plant-Based Diet


Before he became an author, Stuart Waldner traveled the world and connected with sacred sites around the globe. This led him to transitioning to a plant-based diet in 2008. The better he felt, and the more he learned about the statistical connections between our dietary choices and the worldwide crises we’re about to face, the more he felt called to wake people up—for our health and for the planet.


Escape the Meatrix is Stuart’s debut novel. When he’s not working or playing with his dogs, he enjoys cooking and eating plant-based foods, running, and restoring windows in his 128-year-old Victorian home.

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