Enter a Dark Fantasy Realm with Jonathan N. Pruitt, author of The Amber Menhir

Books That Make You Enter A Dark Fantasy World with Politics Like Our Own

We all love villains we love to hate, and a spoonful of satire. Wrap this up in a dark fantasy world, and political commentary, and you might have something like The Amber Menhir, the first book in “The Shadows of the Monolith” series.

Jonathan N. Pruitt is a lifelong educator turned fantasy author. His real-life redemption arc took him from being a child piano prodigy in an economically disadvantaged rural county in Florida, to obtaining his PhD at the age of 24, to an international scandal in 2020 that involved an attack on his research methods in behavioral ecology.

But he kept on, and has been teaching and traveling the world and, as of late, creating. With his varied background, and his perspective as a scientist, he brings a unique and insightful eye to his fictional world.

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