Elevate Your Mind and Body with Dr. Paul Corona MD, Author of The Corona Protocol

Books That Make You Elevate Your Mind and Body with a Revolutionary Approach

Dr. Paul D Corona, MD is a Southern California-based physician who is reshaping the future of psychiatry and family medicine. With over 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Corona is not your typical physician. Starting his career in family medicine, he seamlessly transitioned into psychiatry, ultimately pioneering his own approach of “Mind and Body Healing.”

He’s authored three books in his “My Mind & Body Healing” series. In the latest installment, The Corona Protocol, he unlocks revolutionary insights into the treatment of mental health, challenging conventional methods that have been stagnant for decades.

For those tired of one-size-fits-all mental health solutions, Dr. Corona offers an unconventional yet tried-and-true approach to psychiatry, including off-label use of medications, combined treatment methods, and aggressive strategies that—apparently—get results. Above all, he believes that mental health treatment is not about quick fixes but a carefully calibrated balance that leads to holistic healing.

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