Dive into the new environmental thriller The Silent Count, by E. A. Smiroldo

Books That  Make You Want to Confront Climate Change

As the planet’s climate changes and we see more and more damage around the world from droughts, rising temperatures, ecosystems changing, rising sea levels and so much more, we might wonder what it is we can do.

Author E. A. Smiroldo uses real science in her debut novel “The Silent Count”, a science fiction tale about climate change which blends her expertise blends with real-world-inspired drama.

A native of Washington DC, Smiroldo has seen how politics corrupts and skews human perspectives on what’s right and wrong. She understands how close humanity is to the brink of real climate crisis, and is determined to bring to light how important it is for us to trust and love one another, as well as the planet.

E.A. Smiroldo is a nuclear engineer with a BS in engineering. She’s also a Washington-area Music Association Award-nominated singer-songwriter and has won prizes in writing competitions sponsored by the Bethesda Literary Festival and the International Screenwriters’ Dig. After placing in the latter, she optioned the treatment for a screenplay with X-Ray Media.

The Silent Count is her first novel.

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