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Do you have your own “tsundoku”?

Tsundoku is a Japanese word that is defined as “the stockpiling of books that will never be consumed”. Do you find yourself purchasing new books before you’ve finished the collections you have at home?


Why do people Tsundoku?

Why do so many of us do this, why do we stockpile books if we know we don’t have the time to read them all? I believe there are 2 different hobbies when it comes to books; book reading and book shopping. A lot of bibliophiles find joy in both reading books and shopping/buying books. Which unwillingly leads to tsundoku.

Is buying books you might not read for weeks, months, years or even ever, a negative? Well, that depends on how you look at it. As a glass-half-full kind of gal, I view my unread books sitting on my bookshelf as exciting possibilities. I want my bookshelf to be diverse; full of classics, rising authors, old favorites and new ambitions. My overflowing bookshelf is my inspiration to keep reading = it’s a literary mountain for me to climb. As long as there are unfinished books on my bookshelf there are stories to be discovered, knowledge to obtain, and adventures to uncover.


Tsundoku is fun, everyone should try it!

If shopping for new books brings you joy, know that you’re in good company as it is my favorite hobby. I revel in finding book deals, winning book giveaways or quickly ordering a suggested book online before I forget. There’s nothing quite like sipping coffee and browsing a quiet book store. I have so much fun attending author readings and buying their work or walking around book conventions and festivals, book shopping is fun! I also know that if I don’t buy the books I want now, I’ll forget about them for sure, and then I might miss out on something amazing. I find comfort in knowing my bookshelf is full and I’ll always have a book (or 95) to read.


So, don’t let your collections of books make you feel guilty. And the next time someone jokes that you’re a book hoarder, just laugh it off. Let your “tsundoku” be your motivation to continually uncover knowledge.


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