Writing with Deborah Herman, Author of Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication

Books That Make You Embark on Your Spiritual Writing Journey

Many of us feel the call to write, especially if we’re avid readers, or when discovering our own poignant spiritual path. We might feel an overwhelming mission to put pen to paper, to combine our desire to write with our calling to share a spiritual message.

What is the spiritual writer’s path really like, though? How is it similar to and different from one’s spiritual path? Or from every writer’s path? And in either instance, what should writers be aware of along the way?

Deborah Levine Herman is a gifted spiritual teacher, who believes we are here to raise the vibration of each other, and to live with love, authenticity, and, most of all, hope.

She is the author of “Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication, 2nd Edition”. Through this timely book, Deborah helps writers discover their spiritual writing path. Her book helps spiritual writers answer the question: which kind of spiritual writer are you?

As a mystic, Deborah combines the spiritual journey with the writer’s path. She teaches that the act of writing connects people with their higher selves, and therefore the Source.

Deborah is a former literary agent with a top agency, a publisher, and an intuitive writing coach. She is also the bestselling author of thirteen books and has dedicated her 25-plus year career in publishing to writer-education.


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