Curated Gift Ideas for the Recipient’s Specific Interests

Giving a gift should be personal. While gift cards or cash are easy gifts, they don’t show the recipient how well you know them or how much you care about them. Curating a personalized gift for the individual based on your relationship and understanding of them as a human being is as important as the gift itself.

Here are some ideas for curated gifts based on specific interests.



While you may not be able to afford the latest cell phone or gaming system, you can find the perfect gift for someone who is highly into technology. One idea that many people may not think about is a cell phone booster. A signal booster will strengthen the cell phone signal in their home. This is ideal for someone who doesn’t get an excellent signal or who receives a good signal but uses their cell phone for a lot of streaming services and needs a stronger cell signal. The distance can cause a weak signal even from the nearest cell tower, and it may be influenced by the cell phone provider they use. For example, Verizon will offer a different level of service than Boost. SureCall can improve the signal no matter what provider your friend uses.



Plant gift baskets are perfect for people who view themselves as plant parents. Plant gift ideas for the gift basket include succulents, orchids, greenery, flower plants, planters, and supplies. You can find out what their favorite plant is or favorite type of plant. For example, maybe they are partial to flowering plants or green plants. You can choose plants to include in your basket based on their preference. If you know nothing about plants or are too scared to try to buy some, you can purchase decorative planters they will use with their plant collection. The great thing about plant-lovers is that there is no limit to their love. Even if you buy them a plant that they already own, they’ll love their new plant just as much.

Craft Supplies


When you have a crafter in your circle of family and friends, you will always have an unlimited list of gift options. Crafters love craft supplies, so learn what crafts they do and buy an assortment. For example, if they crochet or knit, you can buy a variety of beautifully colored yarns. If they love to paint, you can purchase new paints or a large pack of canvases. If they make jewelry, you can choose an assortment of beads and put together a gift basket for them. You can also buy books or other items related to their chosen craft.



When someone is obsessed with a specific movie, TV show, or series, buying a fandom gift shows them how much you appreciate their interests. Once a film or TV show reaches a certain level of popularity, fandom gifts become available. They may include clothes, jewelry, home decor, books, and posters that are somehow related to the storyline, characters, or show. When someone is part of a fandom, fandom gifts are extremely exciting and will be appreciated even if they are similar to something they already own. You can buy fandom gifts while supporting small artists and business owners by checking websites like Etsy first. Fans who are also artists will often create products based on their chosen fandoms.

Putting time and thought into a gift is a gift in itself, so when you give a thoughtful gift, the feelings and sentiment are exponentially greater. You can show love, respect, and gratitude through the selection of a gift. Taking the time to wrap the gift also demonstrates thought and care, so choose a way to present your gift that will speak of your feelings for your friend.

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