Creating a Tranquil Corner to Read

Taking time out of your day to read is important. When you read books, you enhance your knowledge and awareness, and you give yourself some time to relax and disconnect from the world around you. Trying to indulge yourself in a good book when you are in a chaotic or busy environment can be impossible. Therefore, you must focus on creating a tranquil corner to read within your home. When you have this space, you have somewhere to relax and retreat to at any time of the day.

Have a Quiet Space to Learn New Things

A tranquil corner must be as quiet as possible. If you are reading to learn a new language, or you are reading to learn how you can start creating a towel swan, you will know the importance of peace and quiet. A quiet space allows you to concentrate and focus both your mind and energy. You can create a quiet corner in your bedroom by using room dividers or screens. Or, you may find that you separate an area using curtains. If you wanted to take it one step further, you could look at plaster boarding a corner of a room and insulating it to aid noise reduction.

Introduce Softer Lighting

If a reading corner is too poorly lit, you will struggle to read, and you will suffer from eye strain. However, if the space is too bright, you will find that you struggle to disconnect (and truly immerse) yourself in the book you are reading. Getting a happy balance is important. To achieve this balance, you may want to look at adding mood lighting, or softer ambient lighting through tablet lamps (and floor-standing lamps).

Comfortable Seating Is Essential

Once you have the space to create a tranquil corner, you then want to make sure you have at least one comfortable seat. Ideally, you will have a chair and a sofa (if you can fit it in). Comfortable seating will allow you to unwind and switch off from your hectic day. It will allow you to lose yourself in the book you are reading. If you do not have a comfortable chair or sofa within your reading space, you may only spend a few minutes there. This can have a negative impact, as it may mean you are not dedicating enough time to reading.

Don’t Forget the Soft Furnishings

Accessories, such as throws and pillows, can make a difference in how your tranquil reading corner looks and feels. Add as many cushions as you can get away with, and don’t forget to add a variety of throws. You want to be able to snuggle up with a good book, even in the wintertime when the nights drop colder, so a throw is essential. When you are adding soft furnishings and accessories, think about where you will store them when they are not in use. You want to retain as much space as possible in your reading area, so potentially start looking at built-in storage.

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