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Cozy up with These Fall Reads

It’s finally here, the greatest season of them all; fall. But you can’t truly enjoy autumn without putting on your favorite warm sweater, grabbing a hot beverage, and cozying up with a fantastic new book! So, whether you’re looking to enjoy a book of short stories, something that will make you giggle, need a little help from a friend, or want something scary to get in the mood for Halloween, grab these books for your fall reads.


A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters

There is no better village to enjoy the season than Brunswick, NY. Every autumn the sleepy village comes to life with apple orchards, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and Halloween fun. However, this town has a deeply disturbing secret. This novel begs the question, can a village be inherently evil? Village locals have been keeping an evil secret for generations. Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters by David Ruggerio will plague you with vivid nightmares and have you tossing and turning all night long.




The Lost Treasure: A Bobby Holmes Mystery

The Lost Treasure by J.M. Kelly is a great book to add to your fall reads list. In this thriller, four teenagers must solve a deadly mystery. Pirates, ghosts, secrets and danger all await in this perfect autumn read. What’s more? This is only the first book of the series! Stay tuned for the 2nd novel in the series; Monsters on the Moors, coming soon!




Straight Outta Tombstone

There’s nothing like reading a few good old western stories to kick of the fall. But these aren’t your typical old western tales. Each story in this collection has a sci-fi element that brings the old west to modern times. Ghosts, aliens, monsters, and killer-bees are just a few of the villains you’ll find. So, if you find yourself around a bonfire enjoying the crisp autumn, make sure you have a copy of Straight Outta Tombstone handy.




The Last of Will

Enjoy this witty novel, full of sarcastic humor and outrageous situations. Greer and her family have a lot going on. Greer’s dad lost his job. Her mom’s floral business is dealing with a bridezilla of ultimate proportions. And her sister is keeping a secret what will be out of the bag in about 9 months. In the middle of this Greer just wants to get her driver’s license, is that too much to ask? Follow along as Greer and her dad take the road trip of a lifetime in The Last of Will by Sheryl Benko.



The Divorce Recovery Ladder

If divorce is on the horizon for you this fall, make sure you are prepared by picking up a copy of The Divorce Recovery Ladder by Susan Shofer. This is a complete step-by-step guidebook that takes you through all the complicated divorce issues. It is straightforward and easy to understand.  Author Susan Shofer has a way of establishing a camaraderie with her readers by making you feel like her best friend. You may be divorced, but you are not alone. It’s time to feel like you are in control of your divorce.




Soon to be released – Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals

How can African countries benefit from their own natural resources? What can African leaders do to position their countries as the global leaders of the future? Author NJ Ayuk is an advocate for African energy. He gives the world his unique take on what leaders and investors can do to build success in the African energy industry. Read more about his action plan to achieve the African Dream in Billions at Play.






Make sure you pick up a few of these great fall reads before the leaves start falling! Want to win these fall reads plus some great fall prizes? Enter our Fall Giveaway!

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