Cinema Revisited: The Defining Films of the 1990s with Scott Ryan The Last Decade of Cinema

Books That Make You Relive Video Rental Stores, and 90s Cinema

Scott Ryan, a pop culture historian and expert on the entertainment industry, has turned his sights on the 1990s in his latest work, The Last Decade of Cinema, a provocative book of dozens of essays looking back at twenty-five movies that defined the century’s last generation.

In his research, Ryan scored exclusive interviews and insights from industry giants like Patricia Arquette (True Romance), Alexander Payne, Helen Childress (Reality Bites), and Natasha Gregson Wagner (Natalie Wood’s daughter).

The book also analyzes iconic movies from the nineties, unpacking their cultural legacy and significance. It whisks us back to a time when films were big communal events, when they impacted our lives. When things were simpler, at least in the realm of media content. And when it was okay to argue with your friends over what was in the Pulp Fiction briefcase.

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