“Chaos to Clarity” by Marci Hopkins

I felt called to write Chaos to Clarity: Seeing the Signs and Breaking the Cycles for those still struggling in a battle against addiction, anxiety, depression, self-hatred, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and more. It is a book about owning behaviors and habits from the past and moving from victim to survivor. It’s about uncovering the root beneath addiction. While my book deals heavily with my battle of alcoholism it offers so much more. I discovered that drinking was how I dealt with the pain of my trauma. It is how I masked the abuse, abandonment, and shame of my past. The gift is this: We do not have to stay in the pain; there are many ways to heal and change our mindset. We all cope in different ways, and I want to help the reader move past the negative patterns in their life. The first step is surrender: turning life over to a higher power, healing the inner child, moving into spirituality, living in gratitude, moving out of fear, and breaking down the walls. More importantly, it is a guide to offer a new possibility for a future, for health, and for well-being.


Chaos to ClarityI do not pretend to be someone I am not by acting like I have all the answers, yet I am eager to share my story and my journey to healing so I may help others do the same. I am excited to offer the reader options to take their first steps whether they are thinking of recovery, in a program already, or just wanting to create a better future for themselves. This book is about discovering and finding the self again. Chaos to Clarity is about seeing and recognizing the signs in life that signal discomfort, disappointment, and unhappiness. I have broken generational cycles of abuse and trauma and I offer the reader ways to do the same. It is about breaking the chains of our lineage and redirecting future generations toward peace and prosperity through choices and actions. It is my commitment to pave a new way of life and shine a light of hope to those who have been trapped in the darkness of pain, addiction, self-sabotage, and more, for far too long.


I want to share that I am living proof that recovery and breaking negative cycles are possible. This book is also filled with guidance, invitations, and opportunities to reflect throughout, and at the end, there are exercises and resources available for the reader to put into action. I have chosen to write this book not to position myself as some expert or guru, but rather to meet the reader where they are and let them know that I have been there too. I want the reader to know they are not alone, even when they may feel more isolated than ever. I am here to champion others as they start the path to being a better person. There is community and support available. I would love to walk with the reader, if even for a moment, along their journey to sobriety, happiness, peace, contentment, and joy for life again. I hope to offer a new lease on life by providing an opportunity to take on the work shared in the pages of my book. I am giving the reader everything I’ve learned, with the desire to give them everything they have hoped for.


It is a guide for healing from the past, finding self-love, making amends in relationships, walking in faith, and creating the most fulfilling life. This was a truly cathartic experience and has helped me to further my healing, move past my trauma, discover my purpose in this life, and live in joy. There is so much goodness that awaits the reader through their healing journey, I know this because I am living proof.


At the end of my book, Chaos to Clarity, I invite you to join my community at www.wakeupwithmarci.com, on the Chaos to Clarity section. I offer more education and resources, such as meditations, law of attraction explanation and practices, and energy work that I have learned and practice. I offer emotional support, pictures from my past (so you can see the path of my journey), and a chat option that is available for you to connect with me. My book is not the end of our journey together; I am here to support you, grow with you, and offer more help so you know you are not alone on this path to your life of healing and true happiness.


Author, Marci Hopkins

Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/officialwakeupwithmarci_/


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