Let go of emotional eating with Dr. Sheila Forman: Author of Tame Your Appetite

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We’re Talking About Books That Make You Eat Better Do you use food to cope? Does it help you get through a stressful day? Would you like to learn more about emotional eating, and how you can overcome it? Our guest today is Dr. Sheila Forman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and eating disorder specialist. She … Read more

Let Steve Wide Be Your Personal Guru to All Things Grunge in a Field Guide to Grunge

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A field guide to Grunge written by Steve Wide is for music lovers who love the 1990’s music genre Grunge. Where did Grunge originate? What cultural climate created this iconic style of music? Who are the major singers and bands that created it, and why is it so popular? Steve Wide explores these topics and … Read more

Become A Millionaire with Michael E. Bash, author of Million Dollar Miracle

We’re talking about Books That Make You Become A Millionaire We’ve all dreamed it. Being rich, getting the house and clothes and traveling, living life on our terms because we made savvy investments that paid off big time. We usually think of books and systems that promise you ways to get rich as just dreaming, … Read more

Deadly Awakening: Things Aren’t so Grim When the Grim Reaper’s Around

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Deadly Awakening is book one of The Ashdale Reaper Series, an urban fantasy written by G. K. Lund. In this urban fantasy story, magic collides within a modern-day urban setting, when self-help author Ben Reed decides one day to take his own life. What he didn’t account for was that the Grim Reaper himself would … Read more

Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield on Building a Life One Log at a Time

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Imagine living in the woods, in the cabin you built, living the best life creating work of art, and enjoy each moment. If you’re dreaming of a life that beautiful, you’ve got to hear it from Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield, who’s living this dream. How exciting! Yvonne is an internationally noted artist, arts educator, and author of the … Read more

Books That Make You Fall in Love with New Historical Romance with Clyve Rose

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  We’re Talking About Books That Make You Fall in Love with Historical Regency Romance Romance novels have come a long way since your mother’s paperbacks. Today’s romance reader enjoys so many various subgenres, offering plenty of areas to explore sexuality and love like no other. Through it all, however, one message often resonates with … Read more

Always a Princess: A Romany Romance

When Romany Princess Syeira Brishen first meets English nobleman Captian “Wil” Clifton, circumstances couldn’t be worse. Wil has just wounded her brother Valkin in a duel over poaching and a slight offense against Lady Haversham. Instantly drawn to one another, Syeira and Wil negotiate a complex set of societal conventions to do what’s best for … Read more