Books That Make You is on Air

Have You Heard? Books That Make You is now on the radio. MyStar95 will broadcast the Books That Make You program with host Desiree Duffy. You can listen by tuning in to MyStar95.com Sunday nights at 8 and 11 EST. Be a part of conversations with fun and entertaining authors while they discuss hot button … Read more

What Is A Classic Book, Anyway?

Ever wonder why you were forced to read certain books for school when there were other novels you’d much rather be digging into? What determines a classic book, anyway? Shouldn’t Harry Potter be in that category by now? We’d like to think that the classics we are reading today were the Gillian Flynn and Jhumpa … Read more

Next Therapist Please Teaser

Next Therapist Please is a glimpse into the life of Janie Weiss. After a tragic accident Janie’s goal is to try to live a normal life. Plagued by anxiety, depression and OCD, she is struggles to find happiness.  When Janie runs into her last therapist, therapist #6, she takes a trip down memory lane and … Read more

Read a Passage From XX v XY: The Final World War

XX v XY: The Final World War is predicting the future and it doesn’t look good. In this dystopian future novel the President of East America is head of a sick and cruel beauty pageant. Helpless young women are chosen to be physically altered and brainwashed. Read this passage from the prologue to discover more. … Read more

Journeyman Excerpt: It’s Time to Start a New Series

If you haven’t started the Matt Miller in the Colonies series yet, now’s your chance to read an exciting passage. Here is an excerpt from book one, Journeyman. Be prepared to be hooked!   Matt had planned to use the third week to sort out his future and his relationship with his girlfriend, Kylie. She … Read more

It’s the Official Launch of Books That Make You™

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Books That Make You is for book-lovers; it features book recommendations, reviews, news, author interviews, and more. Introducing Books That Make You™, a new home for book-lovers. The bookish brand officially launches this website and several media brand extensions. People can explore book recommendations, book reviews, news, and author interviews on the website. Books That … Read more

How to become a book blogger

If you love to read and share your opinions on books, consider becoming a book blogger.  Book bloggers are essential in getting the word out about newly released books. As a book blogger you have the influence to encourage others to read and explore new books. It’s easy; start reading, snap some pictures, and upload! … Read more

5 Ways to Make Reading Fun

You want to read, you really do, but actually motivating yourself to pick up that book instead of spending the next hour on Facebook is hard. In a world of endless distractions, it’s difficult to sit down to read. It’s worth the effort though, reading is an excellent pastime and a rewarding hobby. If you’re … Read more