HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IX by Horror Writers Association Book Review

Are you up for the best spooky read of the year? If yes, we have the perfect book for you. As part of the Horror Writers Association’s annual release of poetry collection, HWA released their ninth volume of Poetry Showcase, which includes never-before-published dark and spine-chilling poems. Edited by Angela Yuriko Smith, the collection features … Read more

Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication by Deborah Levine Herman Book Review

Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication 2nd Edition is by  Deborah Levine Herman. She is a is a bestselling author, publisher, former literary agent, and intuitive writing coach. Published under Soul Odyssey Books, the 2nd edition of her book Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication released December 5, 2022. The book is a revision of … Read more

Escape the Meatrix is Offering the Red Pill

When Stuart Waldner replaced meat with plant products, he realized that killing and consuming animals isn’t as natural as people think it is. The term he coined for this phenomenon, the Meatrix, is in reference to the Matrix since that movie is about the protagonist figuring out the world he lives in is fake. It … Read more

Book Review: Rocky Mountain Yoga Book 1

Sometimes you need something just right. Not too dark or light. Mysterious without being horrific. Romantic without being salacious. Funny without being over the top. Heartwarming and just familiar enough. All these elements combine in telling the cozy story of Jasmine and her adorable, rambunctious poodle, Rambo in Rocky Mountain Yoga by Virginia Fox.   … Read more

Book Review: Mountain Town Mischief with a Poodle (Rocky Mountain Cozies Book 1)

The first book in Virginia Fox’s Rocky Mountain series, Mountain Town Mischief with a Poodle (Rocky Mountain Cozies Book 1), is an uplifting romance story that promises to enrich a reader’s life through its stalwart belief in love and the promise of new beginnings. The story centers around Jasmine, a yoga instructor who flees to … Read more

Author Joe Belcastro is Promoting His Debut Novel DOMINATURE

Joe Belcastro is on tour for his debut novel DOMINATURE. Above all, the book is an epic fantasy adventure which reimagines divine beings in this provocative alternate telling of one of humanity’s famed creation stories. A Story About Gods and Humanity The introspective question of whether anyone can overcome who they are explores the nature … Read more

From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist by Chester L. Richards

In this book untitled “From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist”, Chester L. Richards presents his memoir. Former aerospace engineer, Richards offers us a collection of stories, spanning from Wild West trails tales of his ancestors to the Second World War and his experiences in the aerospace industry.      … Read more

Book Review: Portrait of a Robbery (Project Adventure Book 5) by David Konrad

portrait of a robbery

David Konrad’s 5th installment on his popular ‘Project Adventure’ series is just released. Portrait of a Robbery is a children’s mystery book by David Konrad published June 28. It is the fifth book in The Project Adventure series and follows the continuation of the adventures of Ethan, Matt, and Lisa and their kid-detective agency. If you’re … Read more