Book Review – Never to Forget by Carlos Alvarado

A tender and poignant portrait of an adventuresome Costa Rican emigrant and her battle with dementia, in which the tales of her life’s daring, love, and family are repeated to her as testament to her enduring matriarchal lionization. In this well-paced, poignant biography, author and retired Emergency Room physician Dr. Carlos Alvarado shares equally the … Read more

Book Review – Dragon Nest by Damon A. Daffron

Atlanta’s Detective Caleb Austin finds himself the unexpected caretaker of a mythical egg and is thrust into a world of magic, intrigue, and murderous alchemists who will stop at nothing to capture the power of a dragon.             In this debut novel, author Damon A. Daffron has crafted a compelling adventure tale of magic realism … Read more

Book Review – Stormsend: Saga of the Freewilds by Michael Paul Scott

The beast was nearly upon her. And with that rocket-propulsion of an opening, we’re off into Michael Paul Scott’s Stormsend, the first installment in the Saga of the Freewilds, a series that combines the twin inspirations of dark fantasy and detective noir to conjure a tale—and a world—that both beckons with familiars while refreshing the … Read more

Book Review- Escaping The Dashia by Rebecca Inch-Partridge

Discovering who you are can be dangerous — even deadly. International author and editor Rebecca Inch-Partridge releases her debut YA science fiction novel Escaping the Dashia, the first book of her “The Paraxous Star Cluster” series, under Black Rose Publishing. Escaping the Dashia follows the story of Twyla, a 15-year-old telepath. Twyla has been living … Read more

Book Review- The King’s Mistress by Clyve Rose

Clyve Rose, an award-winning author of historical fiction, has captured the hearts of readers in Australia and the US with her latest work, “The King’s Mistress”. Rose has been writing historical romance for almost two decades, and her experience shines through in the vivid imagery and authentic details woven throughout this tale. Rose’s unique writing … Read more

Book Review-Matt Miller in the Colonies: Book Four: Architect by Mark J. Rose

Mark J. Rose has once again taken readers on a thrilling journey through time in his latest book, The Architect, the fourth installment in his historical science fiction series. In this novel, Rose continues to explore the concept of time travel, as the main character Matt Miller finds himself transported back to the 17th century, … Read more

Book Review-Something Major by Randi Braun

There’s been a huge hole left in the self-help market for many, many years. Women have not been served properly. Now there is an easy-to-read guidebook that addresses where women are today and what they need.  We have an excellent new book ready to fill that gap that’s easy and fun to read but is also … Read more

Book Review-Rocky Mountain Star (Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 2) by Virginia Fox

  Bestselling author Virginia Fox returns with the delightfully cozy follow-up to her first Rock Mountain Romance book, Rock Mountain Star: Tyler + Pat. This time, we meet the “one and only” Tyler Carter, a successful Vegas ballerina performing for a resident show (think Cirque du Soleil) and enjoying all the glitz and glamour the … Read more

Book Review-The Ghost in Her by Anika Savoy Book Review

  Are you looking for an excellent paranormal-romance book to start the year 2023? If yes, we have the perfect book for you!   Award-winning author Anika Savoy is up to release the first book from her highly anticipated Ungilded Series titled The Ghost in Her this January 3rd, 2023. The paranormal romance book, under Inkspell Publishing, offers a … Read more