Cat Howell, Understanding The Science Of ‘Magic’ & Alchemist Within

Magic is a subject that’s shrouded in stigma and mystery. To most people, it’s a subject that’s been culturally labeled under horror and sci-fi themes. The academic world won’t even go near the subject as they feel that it’s too much of a taboo.

Yet magic is something that’s all around us. We experience it through the sound waves, electromagnetism, UV light, and other vibrations around us. Unlike us, our ancestors embraced magic through practices such as shamanism. They sought to use magic to craft the physical from the non-physical.

But first, who exactly is Cat Howell?

Cat Howell, Redefining The Rules Of Reality

Cat Howell actively practices magic and alchemy. She helps visionaries and founders rekindle their “magic touch” and leverage magic to redefine their reality. Cat Howell was once a CEO of a highly successful multiple eight-figure business. She had everything she wanted in life but struggled with feelings of unfulfillment and depression. After experiencing a mental breakdown in 2022, Cat decided to leave everything behind and focus on magic.

Since then, Cat has managed to use magic to help her clients essentially redefine the rules of reality and cultivate their desires without sacrifice. She has people succeed financially after struggling with meager wages. For instance, she saw a client who struggled with declining revenues of 100k a month suddenly make millions in 30 days. Cat has also seen people find their soul mates after a bad narcissist experience.

Financial success, love, health, the pursuit of knowledge, e.t.c. All these are things that can bring us fulfillment and happiness. Yet Cat urges people to look beyond the material. Through her workshops and coven, she teaches people the tools and techniques of magic to get to the root of their creative core. Once you get to the roots of your inner altar, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the things that can bring you true fulfillment and happiness.

The Next Era Of Magic Is Here

According to Cat, the next era of magic is bright and full of unlimited opportunities. People will leave the stigma associated with magic and embrace it as a science. Cat defines magic as a law of attraction manifestation. She states that magic is similar to technology because it stems from our imagination and our efforts to turn our imagination into reality.

Every technology we enjoy was once imagined. According to Cat, if we are not intentionally crafting our desires into reality, we stagnate, get depressed, and get into trouble.

Yet magic holds the potential to empower us and help us discover ourselves. Magic and alchemy help us get to the root of our creative core’s desires and forge well-being even in the face of adversity.

Magic can help us transmute overwhelming loneliness and confusion into a life that’s more cherished. Whether you find yourself in an unfulfilled life or things are not working out for you; you can use magic to alter your reality.

Wrap Up

Cat is one of the visionaries changing the rhetoric around magic. Through her website, Flow Protocol podcast, and book ‘Magic Source Codes,’ she looks at magic and alchemy as a helpful science. You can learn more about her work by checking her website. You can also check out her youtube.

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