Can You Learn Flamenco Guitar with Books?

Flamenco guitar is difficult to learn. It requires far more difficult techniques than your average guitar player would need. Generally speaking, a lot of flamenco guitar is about improvisation too. As a result, many people wonder whether you can learn the techniques from Flamenco guitar books or whether you should be tracking down a tutor.

Let’s explain what the right option is.

Using a Tutor

The major problem that you will have is that tracking down a flamenco guitar tutor is hard. Even if you live in a major town or city, there probably won’t be many flamenco tutors around.

Now, this is always going to be the best option. After all, you will interact with a natural person, and they will teach you the proper habits. It is always lovely to lean on the expertise of somebody else, especially when it comes to learning musical instruments.

Can You Learn Flamenco Guitar from Books?

You absolutely can! Many people do.

Flamenco books tend to be written by some of the best flamenco guitar players in the world. This means that they will show you the techniques you should be using when you are playing the flamenco guitar. You may even learn a couple of songs.

Many top flamenco guitar books nowadays will come with included CDs and DVDs. This means that your learning can take place beyond the written page.

If you cannot afford a tutor, then picking a book will probably be the next-best alternative. You have tons and tons of books to choose from too. Many people will even use these books to pick up the basics before heading to a tutor.

If you have a passing interest in the flamenco guitar, mainly if you know how to play a standard guitar, this type of book is an excellent choice.

The Ideal Solution

The best option, of course, is a combination of both a tutor and a decent book. This way, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Remember, your tutor won’t be able to teach you everything related to the flamenco guitar, nor should you expect them to be able to do so. You will have to do a bit of independent learning, and books are an excellent option for that.

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