Broken Padlock? Here's How You Can Remove It

Broken Padlock? Here’s How You Can Remove It

Padlocks are great to secure your belongings. They’re easily available in the markets both online and offline, they can be used pretty much everywhere and they can easily be replaced, all while providing a pretty good level of security for your belongings and to secure any type of premises. 


However, the problem tends to arise when these same padlocks break, malfunction, or you lose their keys! They end up stuck in the location you used them in and you might find yourself stuck with it, unsure of how you can remove it. If that sounds like what you’re going through, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of things you can do to remove the broken padlock! 


#1: Try cleaning it 


Sometimes, the padlock isn’t actually broken, it’s just jammed in place. This can happen if a lot of dirt and debris mixes in with the oils in the lock and creates a mixture that acts similar to glue, ending up with the lock getting stuck in the locked position. If this is causing the jam, you can try to clean the lock with compressed air. This should dislodge the dirt trapped in and the lock should open up! 


#2: Try lubricating it 


If a simple clean won’t fix the problem, there’s one more thing you can do before bringing out the big guns. Get a lock lubricant and apply it on every opening you see. Under the shackles, in the lock itself, everywhere it could’ve gotten stuck in or broken. Sometimes, a little greasing helps smooth things out a little and helps loosen the lock enough for it to open up, but if that doesn’t help either, it’s time to kick things up a notch. 


#3: Try a hammer


By this we don’t mean take a hammer and destroy the lock entirely, that’s a little too aggressive. Instead, try taking a hammer and lightly knock on the lock. Knock it on the side of the shackle’s fixed end, because the main lock pin is usually right under it. If it’s a regular malfunction, it’s possible that the pin is stuck in place. Repeated knocks may help dislodge the pin and you should be able to remove the lock easily! 


#4: Cut it open


If none of that works out, your padlock may just be broken for good. This means that a regular knocking or anything like that won’t open the lock no matter how much you try. In this case, it’s time to forgo keeping the lock functional and focus on getting the lock off, which means it’s going to have to be broken. Thankfully, this is usually fairly simple too. Get a pair of heavy duty bolt cutters. The stronger your lock is, the stronger your bolt cutters are going to have to be. Take the bolt cutters and cut the shackles, one side at a time until the lock falls off! How easy this is depends on how strong your bolt cutters are so it’s best to try to acquire the strongest ones possible. 


#5: Call a professional


If you can’t seem to find bolt cutters and none of the other methods have worked for you either, things might be serious enough to call in a professional. Locksmith Rochester NY, or any recommended locksmith in the area you’re in, should be able to come and examine your padlock for you. They will be able to figure out if your padlock can be removed in a way that it remains usable, or, is it too far gone. If they find that it is too far gone, they will have the appropriate tools and skill to be able to cut the lock off and remove it for you! This way, you’ll have the lock off in the quickest way possible!  

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