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Books to Read this Halloween

Scary movies, haunted houses, costume parties, if you love all things Halloween make sure you have a spooky book to read October 31st. Here are our top pics for books to read this Halloween. Warning: you may have nightmares, don’t be ashamed to plug in a nightlight.


1. A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters

This is at the top of the list because it is seriously terrifying. Fans of classic horror, this book is for you.  A Wistful Tale will send shivers down your spine and keep you up at night. It takes place in a sleepy town, where whispers of bizarre and unpleasant things happen behind façade of the small-town charm. The eerie atmosphere and nonstop suspense builds tension to the horrifying climax.  You do not want to miss this book, pre-order A Wistful Tale now.


2. Straight Outta Tombstone


You cannot go wrong with the collection of short stories in Straight Outta Tombstone. These stories all have one thing in common, they give a weird, sci-fi, and spooky twist to classic old western tales. Dubbed Tales of the Weird Wild West, you won’t be able to stop reading story after story of these campfire masterpieces. Soul-sucking ghosts, Steam-powered demons, wayward aliens, and deadly yellow jackets keep the suspense and thrill going page after page.






3. The Lost Treasure: A Bobby Holmes Mystery

I’d suggest starting this series now, before the next book, Monsters on the Moors is released. The Lost Treasure is the first book of the mystery series by J.M. Kelly, and readers all agree, it is unputdownable. The stories give Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes meets Stranger Things vibes. It is teen friendly, but a wonderful read for adults as well. The Lost Treasure follows a group of teenagers that embark on an adventure to solve a deadly mystery.






4. Red Witch: The Tales of Ingrid Redstone


Author Sean Patrick Traver has a knack for writing otherworldly, surreal stories. This is one of my all-time favorites. Red Witch is the story of a silent film start from the 1910’s, Ingrid Redstone. Beautiful and cunning she is on the hunt for the legendary “Hole in the Sky” said to be the portal to the Aztec afterlife. When she finally discovers the portal, she meets Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec God of death. He falls in love with the human witch as the captivating story unfolds. A mix of dark fantasy, horror, with a twisted romance, this book is an adventure from start to finish.





5. The Last of Will


If you’re looking for a Halloween read but don’t want to be scared silly, try The Last of Will. Main Character Greer is sarcastic, witty and on a road trip she won’t forget. When her father lost his job he answered a wanted advertisement from the local cemetery, spooky! He came home one afternoon with a proposition for his daughter, accompany him on a journey to deliver the ashes of a client. Greer, like most of us, did not want to sit in a car next to a complete stranger’s ashes. Find out what happens next in this bizarre, yet hilarious story.



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