Books to Enjoy this Spring Whether Inside or Outside, Keep Reading

Get excited about spring break; it’s almost here. This means more sunshine and warmer weather and great books! Whether you’re reading in the warm spring sun, or cozy inside; we’ve already found the best books to enjoy this spring break to pass the time. Take a look at our books to read this spring break.


The Legacy Series Book Image
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The Legacy Series: Book One by Brandyn Cross

Genre: Family Life Fiction

A terminally ill teenage boy cleverly uses the internet as a coping mechanism to endure the painful reality of abuse. The book offers a unique perspective from the view of children who are holding painful secrets. The Legacy Series: Book One is the first novel in the epic biographical story of Brandy Harris; it is based on true events. Stay tuned for Book 2, coming soon, you’ll enjoy reading these great books this spring.



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Billions at Play by NJ Ayuk

Genre: Oil & Energy Industry

Billions at Play is an Amazon #1 International Bestseller, it’s a must read this spring break. NJ Ayuk—CEO of Centurion Law Group, lawyer, and oil and gas expert details the powerful potential of African energy sources.  The author, along with many representatives have spoken out about Africa’s growth, its underrated value, and the fact that Africa is well on its way to sustainability, and it can no longer be hidden. The novel has been called “a joy to read, straightforward, concise and with a zesty style.”





The Org book coverThe Org by Scott Brody

Genre: Political Thriller

Releasing April 14th, make sure you pre-order your copy of The Org for your spring break reading. After the body of an Org member is found, Lee Beloit could potentially be placed in the White House. This murder causes cultish and political parties to take notice. The motives of government figures are being questioned and investigated. But one man, with the help of a journalist won’t let the death of the Org member go down in flames. Someone has to pay.




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Double Blind by Sara Winokur

Genre: International Mystery and Crime

Launching March 31st, this mystery crime novel belongs in your beach bag, pre order now! Brynja, a forensic geneticist, rekindles the hope that her brother might still be alive because twenty years after he disappears in the chill of North Iceland, clues—poems start to arrive on her desk that point to the assumption that maybe he is. But first, Brynja must find out if the poet has conspired to keep her from finding her brother, and ruin her access to the DNA database. Or if the verse maker is just a psychopath copycat killer. Dark secrets are unveiled in Double Blind.




A Wistful Tale Book Image
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A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters

Genre: Horror Literature & Fiction

Have a passion for horror novels? Then A Wistful Tale will be the perfect spring break read. A village in Brunswick NY, Population 4,941 has evil to conjure. During a snowy Halloween, William Willowsby has taken a stance against dark forces. An old cemetery, on the outskirts of town has become a playing field for wicked and vicious things. With help, William plans to free Brunswick from evil lurkers.





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The Last of Will by Sheryl Benko

Genre: Humor

Ride along with Greer on her once-in-a-lifetime spring break road trip in The Last of Will. Greer has the right-now goals of any teenager: get a drivers license, stay away from annoying people, and to have an uninterrupted spring break. But when her dad gets a job at a local cemetery, Greer has to ride along with him— on a road trip— to deliver the ashes of a stranger.






This Aint My Life Book Image
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This Ain’t My Life by Bilal Alaji

Genre: Biographies of Actors & Entertainers

This tag-a-long book is a must read for spring break. Bilal Alaji takes us on a journey with him as he tells us about his experiences growing up as Muslim, and his view down a troublesome path encouraged by his father. As Bilal goes though criminal proceedings, lost marriages, the shelter system and more, he challenges his obstacles by saying, “This Ain’t My Life.” The novel has been called compelling.





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Clean Water for Developing Countries

Genre: Water Supply

Water is a building block of life, all humans need it, but not all humans have access to clean water. That is why Doctor John A. Dracup wrote Clean Water for Developing Countries. The purpose of his informative book is to show various ways to help provide clean water to a developing country. Dr. Dracup reviews all details of water from the source, quality, quantity and community involvement. If you’re interested in helping the world develop clean water, this guide is a comprehensive outline that will help.





Angels in the Mist book cover
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Angels in the Mist

Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy

Coming Soon! Angels in the Mist is coming June 16th, mark your calendar because you don’t want to miss out on this urban fantasy book by Ryan Southwick. An ancient and powerful evil is terrorizing San Franciso, CA. The population must fight back using compassion, determination and their super-technology. Follow main character Anne as she battles depression, trauma and fear. Her life is a series of unhappiness until Charlie comes along.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of books to enjoy this spring. Grab a couple now to stock up before your spring break vacation or staycation. We know you’ll enjoy these books to read under the spring break sun. Check out our giveaway page for you chance to win copies of some of these titles.

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