#44 Books That Make You Start Your Own Publishing Company with Guest Sue Arroyo from CamCat Publishing



Imagine loving books so much that you decide to create a company that publishes books like the ones you want to live in? What is it like to start a publishing company? Sue Arroyo from CamCat Publishing tells us how she did it.

Having been an entrepreneur, Sue Arroyo spent over twenty years in the tech industry. Her superpower is examining business processes and making them better with the application of technology. Trident Technologies, which she founded in 2006, was recognized as the fastest-growing company in Alabama and ranked in the top 100 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list in the US.

Today, Sue Arroyo is the founder of CamCat Publishing. CamCat Publishing, under Sue’s leadership, is doing things differently. Her efforts in finding the best authors mean that readers will be able to find books that they truly want to live in.

CamCat Publishing focuses on genre fiction: mysteries, thrillers, romance, horror, and more. This is the perfect new publisher for authors to submit their manuscripts. Guess what, and they are looking for fantastic new authors! And you don’t have to show them your query letter.

In this show, writers can find out how what CamCat Publishing is looking for in a manuscript submission. Entrepreneurs can learn how one finds the vision to be a disruptor in the publishing industry like Sue Arroyo. Also, discover how CamCat Publishing is doing differently, as host Desireé Duffy unravels the passion behind the new publisher in town: CamCat Publishing.

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