Books That Make You Remember Moonlighting with Scott Ryan


We’re Talking About Books That Make You Remember Moonlighting

Once upon a time, television was worth watching because of ground-breaking shows like Moonlighting. For those of you who remember, this show was a must watch, featuring the iconic Cybil Shepherd opposite a baby-faced Bruce Willis—yes, this was pre-Die Hard, and the show that catapulted his career. Behind the scenes, the writers, producers, show runners and everyone involved worked against egos and expectations to bring the show to light, yet its story has never been properly or cohesively told.

Enter Scott Ryan. Our guest today is the author of the book Moonlighting: An Oral History. He’s a TV historian, pop culture expert as well as a publisher and a writer, and he’s here to answer a number of questions, questions even fans might not have thought to ask. Just what was going on in the writers’ room? Was it war or family, or a mixture of both? How did such a landmark show, amidst all obstacles in the more stifling days of primetime content, claw its way onto the air and survive? What legacy does it ultimately leave behind, especially in the all the experimental or unique shows popping up today in what some have termed television’s new golden age?

Scott Ryan’s other books include thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history, The Last Days of Letterman. In addition, he is the co-publisher at Fayetteville Mafia Press, and the managing editor The Blue Rose Magazine, the director of A Voyage to Twin Peaks and the host of The Red Room Podcast.

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