Books that Make You Proud to be an American

While you’re waiting for the firework display to start, or in-between bites of smores, turn the pages of one of these freedom loving books. Celebrate what it means to be an American, whether you’re celebrating the 4th of July, looking forward to Veterans Day, or watching political debates, check out these American books to celebrate the land of the free and home of the brave.



The Last of Will by Sheryl Benko

Father and daughter duo take a road trip of a lifetime across the great states of the USA. This book is a funny and quirky tale of a teenage girl who is definitely not looking forward to spending her entire spring break with her dad. The Last of Will takes its readers on an adventure across America, with unexpected passengers.




Last Call – America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls by Debra Tash

A story about the unbreakable spirit of the American people, Last Call forewarns us of what is to come of America when the government gains unlimited power. Will the American people stand up and defend themselves against a weapon that makes all other weapons look like child’s-play?  This dystopian novel is action packed and full of unexpected twists and turns.



The Lonely Hearts Bar by Konni Granma

California is the land of hopes and dreams, a filmmaker’s paradise and a screenwriter’s bread and butter. In America’s film capital of the world, The Lonely Hearts Bar showcases what it’s like attending college as a young aspiring director. Will Connie be able to stand above the crowd and make it in the cutthroat industry? Or will she be forced to give up her morals and sell out her principles? Conquer Hollywood with this all-American story.



Growing Up Hollywood by Tara Botel Doherty

People from all over the world have watched movies, TV shows and advertisements depicting the picture-perfect utopia of Hollywood. Manicured lawns, happy families, tall palm trees and sunny skies. Growing Up Hollywood shows the real picture of Hollywood, after the cameras stop rolling.





Unique In America by Yanique Beliard Michel

America is known as a melting pot, where cultures come together. Yet, becoming an American citizen is a difficult undertaking. Unique In America tells the real-life story of one Haitian-born woman’s journey to become a US citizen. In the true American spirit, she makes sacrifices, overcomes hardships, and follows her dream.





The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Anne Hill

What if the land of the free wasn’t always? In this alternate history universe America as we know it has dark and twisted roots. In The Engine Woman’s Light , “undesirable” citizens are forced to take a long train ride to meet an unpleasant fate. One young woman’s quest to save the damned is their only hope for salvation.





Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstein

Over 40 million Americans live with a mental health condition, that’s more than the entire population of New York and Florida combined! That’s why author Laurie Finkelstein is doing her part to not only spread awareness of mental health issues, but she is also donating 10% of the gross sales of her novel, Next Therapist Please to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She wishes to break the stigma of mental illness one laugh at a time.




Straight Outta Tombstone with contributor Naomi Brett Rourke

Old western tales are as American as apple pie and dusty old cowboy boots. Straight Outta Tombstone is a collection of new “old western tales”, but with a sci fi twist. Each story is its own adventure. Our favorite is Coyote by Naomi Brett Rourke, a story about an old Native American grandfather and his young and vengeful granddaughter.





The Flight of the Valkyrie by Arthur Cantrell

The best way to celebrate America is by reading stories from our past. The Flight of the Valkyrie by Arthur Cantrell is based on real events at the end of WWII. This historical fiction espionage thriller is written by Arthur Cantrell, a highly decorated retired Colonel of the National Guard. Available here from Page Turner Press and Media. 




The Divorce Recovery Ladder by Susan Shofer

In America there is one divorce approximately every thirty-six seconds. That means there is more than two thousand divorces per day. Susan Shofer is here to help those American’s heading for divorce with her guidebook The Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Surviving Divorce. This is the only divorce guide that helps you successfully climb out of your divorce in a straightforward manner.




A Bridge With A House by Steven E. Hunnicutt

Explore the beauty of Oregon, United States with this stunning collection of photos. A Bridge with a House: A Covered Bridge reminds us of the beauty of these treasured American structures. Enjoy these images in the coffee table style book and take a break from life while reading history, interesting facts, and images of bridges. Available from Book Venture Publishing.





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