Books That Make You Ponder Our Mental Evolution with Bar-Giora Goldberg


We’re talking about Books That Make You Look At The Evolution of Civilization Through the Lens of Rising Cognition

Humanity continues to evolve. Is it on an accelerating path of rising cognition? According to our guest today, the Darwinian process of evolution has given way to a fast and directed cognitive evolution, driving our politics, economy, technology, sciences, and arts.

According to Bar-Giora Goldberg, the world has increasingly come to resemble our ideas – not just what we make of it, but what we think of it. Indeed, our universe is now mostly virtual, make-believe. After a long history, we now find ourselves at the dawn of a new epoch that requires fewer materials, less physicality, one manifested by our cognition: The Age of the Idea.

Goldberg is an American-Israeli scholar, author, and entrepreneur. His new book is called “The Mind Is Mightier.”

In this book, our intellectual history is presented as the evolution of our cognitive processes that are also growing in complexity. Science, the Arts, Technology, Law, Language, Politics, and the Economy are all becoming more complex. Though complexity is fraught with challenges, we are ultimately better for it, and growing alongside any such challenges is the nimble, problem-solving capacity to address them.

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