Books That Make You Man Enough to Undefine Masculinity


We’re talking about Books That Make You MAN ENOUGH to Undefine Masculinity

What does it mean to be a man? Even when I say that, I feel like I have to grunt and puff out my chest and act all tough and hardcore. Is that what masculinity means? Why is masculinity so narrowly defined, while femininity has nuances and layers?

Are men allowed to be vulnerable? Can they be brave in being transparent?

Our guest today is Justin Baldoni, author of the book “Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity.”

Baldoni is an actor, director, producer, entrepreneur, and changemaker whose efforts are focused on creating impactful media and entertainment. He is the creator and director of CW’s “My Last Days,” an uplifting documentary series about life as told by courageous people living with a terminal illness, and the creator of “Man Enough,” the dinner conversation series which dives into traditional masculinity.

Baldoni established Wayfarer Studios to further create purpose-driven content. He directed and produced Wayfarer Studios’ first film project, “CLOUDS,” which is now streaming on Disney+. The film is Disney’s first-ever narrative acquisition on its global platform. Next, Baldoni is set to direct “Hold Back the Stars” for Lionsgate. Justin also serves as founder and chairman of The Wayfarer Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way communities see and respond to the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

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