Books That Make You Learn to Love with Dr. Thomas Jordan


We’re Talking About Books That Make You Learn to Love. And How to Heal Your Disappointing Love Life

Love is the one thing we crave, need, and, so often, can’t quite hold on to. Even if we are lucky enough to find that elusive “true love”, maintaining it can be a whole ‘nuther story. The divorce rate has held steady, at 50%, for decades in America. Of those who remain married, a significant percentage are unhappy, dissatisfied, or unfulfilled. More people are delaying or forgoing marriage. Is there a way for Americans to find love and to remain happy in a committed relationship?

A new book by Dr. Thomas Jordan unequivocally says YES – but only if we examine our past relationships, and learn to take a new approach to love.

The new book is called “Learn To Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life.” Dr. Jordan has spent three decades as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, and has worked with and offered his exerptise to the New York City Department of Correction, Communication Workers Association, the company Verizon, the New York Police Department, Con Edison, the United Nations, and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

In the following discussion, you’ll hear of the Love Life Learning Center, as well as Dr. Jordan’s insights on how to define love, and how that might play into the reasons it’s difficult for us to hold onto. He also explains the concept of a psychological love life, the ten key areas that impact every relationship and, perhaps most crucially, how we might divest ourselves of some bad habits that may be delaying our happiness.

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