Books That Make You imagine a world where robots become mothers with Carole Stivers



We’re talking about Books That Make You Imagine a World of Motherly Robots

Motherhood, that fabulous, revered, vital role in continuing the human species. I mean, we ALL had a mom, every human—every animal—on Earth. Mothers nurture us, help us grow and become the beings we are today. Nothing could ever interfere in what motherhood means, right?

Well, let’s imagine a world where a botched bio-warfare attempt puts all human life at risk. To save humanity, scientists create super-soldier robots programmed with a “Mother Code”, a set of instructions so the robots can raise and protect babies genetically engineered to survive. What could go wrong, right?

Our guest today is the brilliant mind behind the book, THE MOTHER CODE. Dr. Carole Stivers got the writing bug at age 50 – which means she also must have invented time travel and wrote this book in the future. She used her science background in writing her debut novel and, oddly, a book about a pandemic came out in the middle of our real pandemic, in August of 2020. Carole got her PhD in biochemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and did her post-doctoral work at Stanford University.

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