Books That Make You Help Other Writers Become Bestselling Authors


We’re Talking About Books That Make You Help Aspiring Authors Become Professional with William Bernhardt

Every author has the dream of success. Of signing with a publisher, of being a bestseller, of captivating millions with their stories, of living the lifestyle of a prolific writer.

Few achieve that status, and even fewer still turn around and help other writers realize their dreams. Our guest today is William Bernhardt, and that is exactly what he does.

William Bernhardt is the author of over fifty books, most recently the “Daniel Pike” legal thriller series, starting with the #1 best-selling novel “The Last Chance Lawyer”. His previous works include the bestselling “Ben Kincaid” series, the historical novels “Challengers of the Dust” and “Nemesis”, two books of poetry (“The White Bird” and “The Ocean’s Edge”), and the “Red Sneaker” books on fiction writing.

In addition, Bernhardt founded the Red Sneaker Writers Center to mentor aspiring writers. The Center hosts an annual writers conference (WriterCon), small-group writing retreats, plus a bi-weekly e-newsletter and podcast. More than three dozen of Bernhardt’s students have subsequently published with major houses.


William Bernhardt’s first book from the “Splitsville Legal Thriller Series,”  “Splitsville” is now available on Amazon.

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