Books That Make You Heal, Not Just Cope with author Mark Goulston


Today we’re talking about Books That Make You Heal, Not Just Cope

There are a lot of self-help books out there, guides to help us deal with stress, anxiety, move beyond trauma, deal with the pandemic, and all the stress of our time. They certainly help us cope, but do they help us heal?

Our guest today, Mark Goulston, MD, is an expert in his field, and co-author of the book, “Why Cope When You Can Heal?”

Dr. Mark Goulston is a former UCLA professor of psychiatry, hostage negotiation trainer, speaker, executive coach and the best-selling author of eight books. His newest book, co-authored with former hospital CEO, Diana Hendel, is “Why Cope When You Can Heal? – How Healthcare Heroes of Covid-19 Can Recover from PTSD,” and was recently released and just in time to help healthcare workers already at their wits’ end, but who persevere to protect the rest of us. He is also the host of the highly rated podcast, “My Wakeup Call” and of the weekly LinkedIn Live show, “No Strings Attached.”

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