Books That Make You go from a reader to a writer with Mandy Jackson-Beverly


We’re talking about Books That Make You Go From Bibliophile to Author  

It’s no secret: if you love books, chances are you have a creative heart and want to write books. Or maybe express that creativity in other ways—art, dance, fashion, teaching. An innate love for the story is often the launching pad for brilliant careers.   

Mandy Jackson-Beverly is such a person. A self-proclaimed bibliophile with a preference for stories of magic and the occult, with complex characters of the human and supernatural kind, she has not only authored several books, but also has worked as a costume designer and stylist to Madonna, David Bowie, Diane Keaton, George Michael, and Tina Turner, as well as an art instructor. 

Currently, she is a writing coach, a speaker, and a book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books. She’s also contributed to the Huffington Post. Plus, she is the VP of Education for the Ojai Evening Toastmasters, and a founding member of “A Time to Speak,” a speaker series focusing on subjects related to the environment and humanities. 

Mandy is the author of “A Secret Muse”, “The Devil And The Muse”, “The Legend of Astridr: Birth”, and “The Immortal Muse”. 

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