Books That Make You Find the Inspiration to Rediscover Your Life, Patricia Walsh Chadwick


We’re talking about Books That Make You Find the Strength and Courage to Reclaim Your Life

We’re often inspired to discover our own courage when reading stories of others who’ve overcome adversity. When you slip into the point of view of someone who met and bested extraordinary challenges, it can help you make those final steps to freedom.

Patricia Walsh Chadwick is a woman who did just that. Raised within a bizarre cult in the 1950s, she was removed from her family and, from the time she was an infant, forced to live with 39 other children as a part of a social experiment. She was given a new name, told the church leaders were to be called Daddy and Mamma, wasn’t allowed to go to movies, listen to popular music, and never even knew what it was like to eat at a restaurant or talk to boys. The threat of physical beatings was ever-present.

Patricia’s memoir is called “Little Sister.” She graduated summa cum laude from Boston University with a B.A. in Economics and is now a Chartered Financial Analyst. She is the founder and president of Ravengate Partners LLC. Ravengate Partners is a consulting firm dedicated to providing businesses and not-for-profit institutions with education and advice about the financial markets and the global economy. Patricia Walsh Chadwick has had a thirty-year career in the investment business, culminating as a Global Partner at Invesco.

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