Books That Make You Exact The Perfect Revenge, Jennifer Thomas and Bill Hayes, WilD


We’re talking about Books That Make You Exact the Perfect Revenge. And, Jennifer Thomas and Bill Hayes through storytelling, spread an important message of women’s empowerment.  

The great thing about fiction is that it can help important messages reach those most in need of them. By reading about a character who finds her strength and power, we can feel empowered ourselves. Such is the case with “The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises,” a novel written under the nom de plume WilD. The book is part of a series that follows the protagonist, Zoey, as she becomes a fighter and rights the wrongs committed against her. 

Since this book series is written under a nom de plume, we spoke with Jennifer Thomas and Bill Hayes, who worked with the author to develop it. The ultimate goal of the person behind the pen is to be supportive and empowering to women. That is what “The Perfect Revenge” is all about. 

Bill Hayes is a bestselling author and ghostwriter, with a gift for adding historical context and artistic flair to any subject. Jennifer Thomas is an award-winning author, editor, designer and publisher. They are part of a team who help authors bring their story ideas and books to life. 

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