#43 Books That Make You End a Toxic Relationship with Author A.G. Billig

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Have you felt trapped, or manipulated, or even abused by someone you love? It hurts the worst when the pain you feel is caused by someone who says they love you.

You are not alone. Many people think the good memories or the “potential” you see in your man – or your woman – are things worth holding on to. That hope that things will get better keeps you stuck in a cycle of misery and makes you ignore the voice of your heart.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to break-up with a toxic partner and release yourself from negative patterns. This show is going to help you find out how.

A.G. Billig shares her actionable steps and practical advice with you. Her new book is 5 EASY STEPS TO ENDING A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP: Unplug the Negativity Chord and Jump-Start Your Emotional Healing.

After A.G.’s father passed away when she was just 21, A.G. found herself experiencing one toxic relationship after another. The men in her life sabotaged her self-worth, they undermined her self-confidence, and they often used her. Her journey to kicking her addiction to drama, and finding her inner peace, inspired her to write this book as a roadmap that will help you also break free from toxic relationships in your life, once and for all.

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