DPA Lounges to Gift Celebrities and VIPs Bags of Books

Books That Make You Book Bags at the DPA Luxe Gift Suite the Week of the Oscars

Plus, Black Château Authors Attended and Signed Copies of their Books 

Celebrity swag bags at the DPA Luxe Gift Suite the Week of the Oscars included beach bags stuffed with books courtesy of Books That Make You. Black Château – the sister company to Books That Make You – invited several authors to the event and to feature their books in the bags. The two day event was filled with photos, celebrities having fun getting their swag bags, and lots of photo opportunities. 

Randi Braun, Virginia Fox and Steven Joseph’s books were all gifted during the event, which was held at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles, California, before the 2023 Oscars. Randi Braun and Steven Joseph attended in person and were on hand autographing copies of their books. 

The gifting suite is produced annually by Nathalie Dubois and her firm DPA Lounges.  

Virginia Fox, the bestselling author of “Rocky Mountain Romances”, had Book 1 in the series, Rocky Mountain Yoga, featured in the gift bags. 

Day 1 at the DPA Luxe Gift Suite the Week of the Oscars 

Randi Braun, a sought-after thought leader, speaker, and author of the women’s leadership book Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, attended on Day One of the event. 

Photo Credit: Photos by Kyle for DPA Group  


Day 2 at the DPA Luxe Gift Suite the Week of the Oscars 

On Day Two, Steven Joseph, the award-winning author of the Snoodles Series signed copies of his latest book Snoodles in Space: A Snoodle, The Zoodle Kidoodles, and One Happy Schmoodle.

Photo Credit: @mateeyha  


The celebrities and influencers who attended the event include: Adina Porter; Alisha Gaddis; Amber Friendly; Ambyr Childers; Anne Alvergue; Anneliese Judge; April Mullen; Autumn Rowe; Bev Dunn; Birdie Borria; Blanca Blanco; Bruno Caetano; Carrie Bernans; Cas Anvar; Catalina Sandino; Cathy Shulman; Chris Albert; Christina Moore; Colm Bairead; Conall Jones; Corey Calliet; Dan Feuerriegel; Daniel Marc Dreifuss; Danielle Vasinova; Debra McClutchy; Denise; Diesel La Torraca; Diti Shah; Dominicka Juillet; Eden Dambrine; Effie T Brown; Elena Arroy; Emelia Hartford; Emily Swallow; Ernestine Hipper; Gianni Decenzo; Gilles Marini; Griff Furst; Hayley Hasselhoff; Isabella Crovetti; Jackie Tohn; Jake McLean; James Dumont; Janeshia Adams-Ginyard; Jawahir Khalifa; Jay Rosenblatt; Jimmy Jean Louis; Joel Harlow; John Savage; Jon Croker; Jonathan Redmond; Joni Bovill; Joshua Seftel; Julian Howarth; Justin Marks; Kate Hallett; Kate Linder; Kelly Jenrette; Kirk Bovill; Lauren Francesca; Lesley; Lisa Tookel; Lizza Monet Morales; Mark Weingarten; Martin Harris; Massiel Taveras; Matt Villa; Matthew Von Der Ahe; Melanie Coombs; Melanie Miller; Melissa L. Williams; Michael Keller; Mignon Von Baker; Mikkel E.G. Nielsen; Missy Pyle; Myschal Bella Bowman; Natalia Ramos; Natalie Robinson; Nick Paley; Nora Felder; Paige Hurd; Percy Hynes White; Phin Glynn; Porscha Coleman; Preity Zinta; Richard Baneham; Robert Paul Taylor; Rosalie Chiang; Ross White; Ryuhei Kitamura; Kyoichi Ichimura; Sallieu Sesay; Sara Dosa; Tiffany; Sarah Ann Mass; Sarah Ann Masse; Sarah Streicher; Sarah Thyre; Sean Murphy; Shane Boris; Sheila McCarthy; Shun Shioya; Simon Lereng Wilmont; Sky Alexis; Stacey Hummell; Tehmina Sunny; Tom Berkeley; Tristan Chen; Troy Metcalfe; Vanessa Bell Calloway; Wayne Pashley; Libby; Yi Zhou. 

If you’d like information about Black Château and their promotional opportunities, please visit their website here 


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