#21 Books That Make You Believe in the Power of Coaches – Cory McKinney

Coaches come to us in all forms. There are coaches for your life, career, health and wellness, business, and of course, there are coaches in sports. The wonderful thing about coaches is they drive us to succeed. Self-pride, discipline, work ethics, and that never-give-up attitude are instilled in us from coaches.  

It is amazing how one person, one coach in your life, can make all the difference.  

Coach Daryl Whittington was such a coach. He went beyond the call of duty to impact the lives of kids forever. He was a teacher, motivator, and even a father figure. The book Coach Daryl’s Colts: Going For Two by Corey McKinney tells his story.  

Corey is the CEO of a nonprofit called GoFor2. His organization goes out in the community and helps others in need, especially women and children. He is also a youth speaker that deals with subjects such as peer pressure and bullying. He has fostered and mentored kids for the last eight years and just recently was a speaker and mentor at the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp. 

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