S:2 E:7 Books That Make You Wake up about Political Impact on Climate Change with Guest Scott Brody

The big existential threat of our time is still climate change. Even though pandemics like the Coronavirus seem more immediate, we are still in jeopardy because of the effects of greenhouse gasses on the world’s climate. Even though there is a lot of information out there presented in non-fiction books, scientific papers, documentaries and more, fiction books are another way to get the message across. Scott Brody is someone who knows a thing or two about the topic.

Sometimes looking at an issue through the metaphor of a story helps us put it into perspective. Scott Brody does that in his political thriller titled The Org: a page-turner that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go.

Politics plays a big role in this book, as it does in real life. Plus, there is a cult-like group that is trying to gain control—sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Scott Brody actually spent a few of his younger years involved in a cult-like group that is similar to the fictional one he created in his book. It is this unique perspective that helped him in writing the The Org.

In this interview, host Desireé Duffy discusses the captivating topics covered within: cults, politics, the allure of leaders who want to control the masses, and of course, the real threat that climate change creates for us today, with author Scott Brody.

Scott Brody is no stranger to politics and grew up in a political home in New York. He listened to his adult family members as they discussed and debated politics. This influenced him as he grew up in the 60s. He marched against the war in Vietnam, listened to left-leaning radio like WBAI, read Ray Bradbury for inspiration, and even spent a summer at Woodstock. Find out more about his writing and his backstory in this Books That Make You Show.

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