Books That Help You Improve Yourself This Fall

The season of fall represents a time of maturity and adulthood. This couldn’t be more fitting for the three books that will be available during this season. Each book has a similar theme of improving yourself and your livelihood. With a year of new beginnings heading our way, here are the top three books that can bring about positive change in someone’s life.


Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles by Steven Joseph

Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles and Lots and Lots of Noodles is the next book written by crankiness expert, Steven Joseph.
Steven Joseph’s new book is full of crankiness, noodles, and lifelong lessons.

Everyone’s favorite crankiness expert is back with an all-new kids book. It’s about the envy monster that overpowers everyone at some point in their life. In a cranky world where cars are run on sauerkraut, the invention of the SnoodleMobile provides a new resource for giving cars power: noodles. Sour Croodleman, the creator of the KrautMobile, is infuriated that his beloved creation is now being overlooked in favor of Herbie Snoodleman’s SnoodleMobile. When Mr. Snoodleman unveils a new art installation in the local museum, Mr. Croodleman hatches a plan to destroy it as a result. This book is all about how it’s important to appreciate what someone has and not get bogged down by what they don’t have. It’s a fun read for kids and adults alike with plenty of important life lessons that’ll improve someone’s life when taken to heart.


Escape the Meatrix by Stuart Waldner

Escape the Meatrix is Stuart Waldner's very first book.
Stuart Waldner’s very first book encourages readers to make healthier food choices.

Stuart Waldner is a brand-new author whose nonfiction book is about how he broke free from the Meatrix. It’s known around the world that meat is an essential part of our diet-or so we think. When Stuart Waldner completely cut meat out as a food product and replaced it with plant-based foods, he realized we’re all stuck in The Meatrix. This means that animals are not as crucial to someone’s diet as everyone’s been led to believe. Waldner is determined to prove why a plant-based diet is markedly healthier for everyone. He encourages people to make dietary choices that could lead to a healthier and happier life.

Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen Barriers by Beatrice Adenodi

Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen Barriers is Beatrice Adenodi's first book.
Beatrice Adenodi’s first book will open up readers’ minds to new ways of thinking.

Business leadership consultant and speaker Beatrice Adenodi brings forth a whole new perspective on human behavior with her new book. From an early age, people are taught biases and mimic behavior they witness from those around them. Significantly, this prevents them from tapping into their own internal greatness. Through seven different stories told in a direct, no-nonsense tone, Adenodi encourages her readers to dig deeper into what causes their negative cycles and how they can break free from them. By taking control of their own life, people will not only become the best versions of themselves but also feel more fulfilled because of it.


In conclusion, these are the best three books to go to for readers who want to improve their lives. For more book recommendations, check out Books That Make You’s newsletter.

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