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Books Make the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

Holiday shopping can be very difficult. The perfect gift is hard to find. It must be desirable, exciting, and useful. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a single item. But we have the perfect gift idea for everyone on your holiday shopping list – books! This is why books make the very best gift for the holidays.

1. Inexpensive

Unless you’re going all out and buying a first addition classic, books are relatively inexpensive. That means not only can you buy more gifts for more people and stay within your holiday budget, but you might even save some money to spend on books for yourself!


2. Books are a unique gift

When is the last time someone gave you a book for the holidays? Was it when the 3rd Harry Potter book came out in 2001? Let’s face it, not many people think to give books for the holidays, so be one of a kind this year.


3. You can leave your own secret message

I love getting gifts from people who leave a little message in the cover. Every time I crack open a book and read the message I remember that person fondly and it puts a smile on my face. Holiday cards eventually get tossed in the trash, but messages in books last forever.


4. No need to include batteries

Batteries, cords, complicated instructions, missing pieces, just no. You won’t have to deal with any of that! Books are so simple yet so wonderful.


5. Books are thoughtful

This is the biggie in my opinion. Buying a book for someone can be incredibly thoughtful. If you take the time to think about what that person enjoys and find a title to match their personality, you show the gift receiver you’ve thought long and hard about them. You also demonstrate how well you know and appreciate them. It’s a no brainer.


6. Books make people smarter

Books have this crazy ability to make people smarter. What better gift is there than helping someone gain knowledge?


7. Easy to wrap

They’re rectangular, the easiest shape to wrap. Seriously, no gift bags required.


8. Books spread new ideas and spark imagination

Not only can you help to make people smarter, you can help the spread of new ideas and quite literally, change the world. Talk about the gift that gives back!


9. You have the power to make someone laugh, scared, inspired, love, and more!

Do you have someone on your holiday list that could use a good laugh? You can make that happen. Or maybe someone on your list is going through some personal issues and needs a little inspiration – help them achieve that. You have the power to influence people’s moods and feelings. Be sure to use this power for good, not evil.


10. You can’t go wrong with a book

A good book is always the perfect gift. You wont regret giving out books this year for the holidays. Kids, teens, adults, seniors, no matter the age, books make the very best gift for the holidays.


Have I convinced you? Are you going to start shopping for books for the people on your shopping list? If so, let me recommend a few titles. Check out our Holiday Book Gift Guide! For even more fun, check out our Jingle Books Giveaway and enter to win a bunch of new books and holiday prizes.

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