Bookish Holiday Traditions You’ll Love

The holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity to blend the joy of reading with festive celebrations. Whether you’re a lifelong booklover or looking to start new traditions with family and friends, incorporating books into your holiday will bring everyone joy. From creative book exchanges to engaging virtual literary events, there are numerous ways to celebrate the holidays with a bookish twist. Here is a list of imaginative and delightful ideas that pair the magic of the season with the timeless pleasure of diving into a good book, perfect for creating new memories and fostering a love for reading.

  1. Virtual Book-Themed Gathering with Jingle Books: Make attending the Jingle Books event a yearly family tradition. Gather around the virtual fireplace with hot cocoa, enjoying live readings and author discussions from the comfort of your home. This can become a cherished ritual, where each member of the family picks one or more of the featured books to read during the holiday season, fostering a shared love for literature and creating memorable holiday experiences centered around storytelling and community. Make sure to join the group here to attend.
  2. Book Advent Calendar: Create a book advent calendar, where you or your family unwrap a new book each day leading up to your holiday. These books can be a mix of new purchases and pre-loved favorites.
  3. Book Exchange Party: Host a book exchange party with friends or family. Each guest brings a wrapped book and leaves with a different one, creating a fun and interactive way to share beloved reads.
  4. Themed Book Gifts: Choose a theme each holiday season and buy books related to that theme as gifts for friends and family. This could be based on genres, authors, or subjects of interest.
  5. Local Author Support: Make a tradition of purchasing books by local authors as holiday gifts, supporting your local literary community.
  6. Holiday Book Clubs: Form a holiday book club where members buy and read a holiday-themed book, then gather for a festive discussion.
  7. Charitable Book Buying: Buy books for holiday donations to libraries, schools, or charities. Involve your family in selecting and wrapping the books.
  8. Bookstore Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt list for a local bookstore. Family members can buy books that fit different categories on the list, making book shopping an exciting adventure.
  9. Book Subscription as a Gift: Purchase a book subscription service as a gift, providing a year-round reading experience that starts during the holidays.
  10. Holiday Story Night: Host a holiday story night where each guest brings a favorite book to share or read excerpts from, fostering a communal storytelling environment.
  11. Personalized Book Selections: Spend time selecting a book specifically tailored to the interests of each gift recipient, adding a personal touch to your holiday giving. A personalized book not only reflects the thought put into the selection but also creates cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Elevate your holiday celebrations with the timeless joy of sharing a one-of-a-kind literary journey crafted especially for those you hold dear.

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