Book Review: Rocky Mountain Yoga Book 1

Sometimes you need something just right. Not too dark or light. Mysterious without being horrific. Romantic without being salacious. Funny without being over the top. Heartwarming and just familiar enough. All these elements combine in telling the cozy story of Jasmine and her adorable, rambunctious poodle, Rambo in Rocky Mountain Yoga by Virginia Fox.


Rocky Mountain YogaAfter receiving a huge shock from her boyfriend Gavin, Jasmine flees Seattle for the idyllic small town of Independence Junction, Colorado. Loosely inspired by a time period author Virginia Fox spent in the state, Rocky Mountain Yoga starts off a series of over 30 books in the series.


Right away, Jasmine meets some delightful local characters such as sisters who run the town diner, a place where everybody knows your name … and all of your personal business, as well!


Almost by accident, she runs into the local town sheriff, Jake, after a run in with his overeager sister and fellow cop Paula. Jake and Jasmine’s chemistry is strong from the moment they meet and Jasmine soon finds herself in the middle of a long distance love triangle, especially as her ex-boyfriend has no signs of giving up too easily. This all leads toward a larger situation that finds Jasmine caught up in not only its mystery, but with following her heart.


Jasmine and Jake’s relationship flourishes but also takes a few unexpected turns as some peculiar events come to Independence. It’s in these moments where the genuine humanity shines through in Fox’s storytelling. Through the strain and confusion, I found myself rooting for Jasmine to find in Jake the partner she so deserved. Jake’s character was rightfully shady at moments, and you so want to believe him as he can be so charming. Jasmine knows when Rambo seems to have reservations that something’s definitely off and her instincts have been right all along.


It’s not the story points, though, that kept me reading. It was how quickly I became invested in the people of Independence. Most everyone seemed so interesting and endearing. It may seem at first like a fish out of water story, but it quickly became more about a fish that’s found the river it’s been searching for.


In the end, Rocky Mountain Yoga had the great effect of making me feel as though I’d been sitting on Jasmine’s comfy couch on a chilly afternoon, mug of hot coffee in hand, and a great story being told to me by a familiar friend … a place, after all, that feels just right.


Readers who want something just familiar enough, but with a good balance of the new, and with characters and a romance that really makes you want to keep reading way past bedtime are going to adore Rocky Mountain Yoga.


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