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Book Review: Project Adventure Series by David Konrad

Are you up for an action-packed children’s book that is full of adventure and mystery? If yes, then this series is perfect for you! The Project Adventure Series by David Konrad is a must read for your kiddo.

Project Adventure is a popular children’s book series written by international author David Konrad. The digital box-set includes four mystery books in the Project Adventure series.

The premise of the whole boxset follows the story of Ethan and Matt, best friends, and the founders of Project Adventure—a kid-detective agency that aims to help other kids who require help, to solve their problems, and more. Now, we follow Ethan and Matt as they embark on their fun-filled and exciting adventures, seeking answers to various mysteries around!

The Heart of the Island

The first book follows our main protagonists Ethan and Matt as they head on a journey to find a lost diamond called The Heart of the Island. A normal summer vacation with Ethan’s parents, and his best friend Matt, soon became an adventure when a local girl named Karen, introduced them to a legend involving her family and a lost diamond. Karen insisted that she knows some clues regarding the diamond’s whereabouts and so she asks them for help to find it. The catch is the clues point to a cave inside Dead-end Island. The whole book is thrilling to read, and the plot twist is completely unexpected! I love how this book served as an introduction for the whole series, this book is a great opener that gives us a taste for what’s to come!

Rumble at the Zoo

The 2nd book of the series continues where the 1st book ended. With the both of them agreeing on making Project Adventure, Ethan and Matt received their first call for help which is from this girl named Lisa. Lisa and her mom own a zoo. One day, the animals inside started acting weirdly and aggressive—scaring the visitors away. It’s now their job to solve the mystery behind the animals acting differently each day. This book is full of action and suspense. I also love the new character Lisa so much, a girl with knowledge and passion for animals.

The Courtside Mystery

For the 3rd book of the series, the boys were just wanting to spend some time at a basketball camp when suddenly they found out that some weird incident happened at the camp a week ago. Police thought it was just a normal accident, but things started to go out of hand when Ethan himself became a victim as well. Just like the first two books, this one is page-turning, and here we get to know more about Lisa as well as the 3rd member of the agency!

The Scrapyard Shakedown

For the last book in the series Ethan, Matt, and Lisa went to a scrapyard at the edge of the town. It’s another one of their most intriguing adventures where they didn’t just face the culprits between those shadowy figures, but they also had to experience the freezing winter weather of the scrapyard. This is a great ender for the whole series and is also well written, and I love how their bond strengthens with each book. Can’t wait to see more from Project Adventure!

I highly recommend picking this series up and reading with your kids.


You can buy the digital boxset on Amazon.

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