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Book Review: Portrait of a Robbery (Project Adventure Book 5) by David Konrad

David Konrad’s 5th installment on his popular ‘Project Adventure’ series is just released. Portrait of a Robbery is a children’s mystery book by David Konrad published June 28. It is the fifth book in The Project Adventure series and follows the continuation of the adventures of Ethan, Matt, and Lisa and their kid-detective agency. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, action-packed, mystery children’s book, this one is for you!


Portrait of a Robbery


‘What could go wrong during a weekend in the countryside with an art collection to look at? Everything, when a Van Gogh disappears.’


portrait of a robberyPortrait of a Robbery follows the story of Ethan, Matt, and Lisa as they embark on a journey to a small town where Mrs. Sharkey resides with her estate filled with a valuable art collection. Eleanor Sharkey is Matt’s grandmother, and she owns an estate filled with various paintings and an art collection sentimental to her. One day, her most treasured painting mysteriously vanished from the hallway wall—a Van Gogh painting. Determined to find the thief who stole the painting, Eleanor Sharkey’s only hope is Project Adventure, the kid-detective agency of Ethan, Matt, and Lisa. Now it’s up to Project Adventure to solve the mysterious culprit who stole the precious painting of Eleanor Sharkey!


Like the first four books in the Project Adventure series, Portrait of a Robbery sticks to its core and gives us a thrilling experience full of page-turning events. The book is well-written, fast-paced, and will keep you at the edge of your seat with twists and turns. When you think you already know the main culprit, Author David Konrad turns the story into a 180 and drops a bomb that will catch you off-guard.


In addition to that, it is nice to see Ethan, Matt, and Lisa team up again to solve another mystery. Their dynamics as a trio is unmatched, and they ideally make up a good team that fills each other’s lacks. You’ll enjoy watching these characters continue to grow in book 5.  I love to see how the three of them develop individually and how they rely on each other as a team. You will see how their friendship with others grows stronger and stronger after each adventure they make.


Overall, Portrait of a Robbery is a fun and refreshing experience. It is still suitable for young audiences, but some of the scenes in this book need further parental advice if you’re planning to read it with your children. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see what David Konrad has in store for us in the future!


Portrait of a Robbery (Project Adventure Book 5) is currently availableon Amazon. You can also buy the digital boxset of the Project Adventure Series on Amazon. Grab your copy now!

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