Betsey Kulakowski’s Latest Add-On to her Paranormal Series is a Must-Read, The Monk’s Grimoire

Bestselling author Betsey Kulakowski just released The Monk’s Grimoire, the 4th installment of her paranormal thriller series The Veritas Codex, March 1, 2022. The Veritas Codex is a supernatural thriller series following television host Lauren Grayson. She and her team went on various adventures, exploring paranormal mysteries, including the Bigfoot, aliens, spirits, ancient runes, and more, all for their Veritas Codex television series. If you’re a supernatural fan who enjoys mysteries, you must read the whole series from book one to the last!


An Old Mythology brought to life.

The Monk’s Grimoire follows television investigator Lauren Grayson as her life is shattered when a Prague professor discovers Lauren’s name embedded in an ancient document known as the Devil’s Codex. Lauren was then forced to travel to Europe, wherein she experienced many bizarre things. It was revealed in the ancient text that there’s a supernatural plan to raise an army from Hell that will eventually conquer the world. It’s now up to Lauren to find a key to prevent the apocalypse that is about to come. Lauren searches in the Monk’s Grimoire, only to find out that some of the critical pages were removed.


Amidst all the chaos, Lauren’s powers start to intensify; simultaneously, her young son Henry also starts to exhibit strange abilities. Now, we follow Lauren as she faces the burden of solving the murders and stopping the devil from conquering the world. Little did she know, a prophecy tells that Lauren must make a terrible sacrifice.


The Monk’s Grimoire is a book full of twists and suspenseful action!


Meet the Author

Betsey Kulakowski, the author of The Veritas Codex Series, graduated with a degree in emergency management and worked for the State of Oklahoma as a safety professional for 28 years. She served on several disaster response teams, including the Murrah Bombing, OSHA’s Worker-Safety Annex at the World Trade Center, etc. Still, Betsey now works for a non-profit that does safety, health, and transportation safety training and education.


Betsey has always been into telling stories, and she learned this skill from her grandfather. She got her love for books from her mother, who always made sure she had books to read and encouraged her to write her own. Betsey’s first book was written at six, while she wrote her first poem in second grade.


Betsey Kulakowski started writing the draft for The Veritas Codex in 2009 for practice. In 2019, she had already drafted five books off the series for practice. By September 2020, The Veritas Codex was published by Babylon Books, which was soon followed by The Jaguar Queen and the Alien Accord. The 4th book, The Monk’s Grimoire, was released on March 1, 2022. Betsey has already drafted the following seven books with plans for at least twelve books in the evolution of the Veritas Codex universe!


The Monk’s Grimoire and the first three books from the Veritas Codex paranormal thriller series are available on Amazon. Grab your copy now!

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