Your Children’s College Future. Beth Pickett, author of The Essential Guide for Busy Parents

Books That  Make You Get Your Kid Ready for College

A good education is the most important gift we can give our children, and helping them navigate the college admission process is so important, from deciding where to apply, budgeting, avoiding some of the pitfalls in applying.
Whether you are a parent, a student yourself, or you know a student about to embark on their college journey, then you need to meet Beth Pickett, author of “The Essential Guide for Busy Parents: College Admissions”.
Beth is also the founder of College Prep Counseling, and has been working with students across the U.S. as a college admissions counselor for more than a decade. Her clients and essay students have earned admission to Harvard, Yale, Brown, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Williams, Pomona, UMich, Tulane, Colgate, Cornell, and many other colleges and universities across the U.S.
A graduate of Stanford, Beth also earned her Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA and began working with families as an independent admissions consultant in 2007. Her philosophy of college admissions is founded on the principle that students who dig deeply into their interests during high school become happier, more

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