Best Books to Get You Through the Dog Days of Summer


The heat is ON! But our summer plans for vacation and fun aren’t what we’d hoped due to extended social distancing and lockdowns. But, all these days at home have given us lots of time to spend reading new books and enjoying quality time with our pups. What are you and your furry friends doing to enjoy the dog days of summer?

Well, my royal corgi Max and I have our weekend reads planned out. How about we help you by sharing our list of favorite books to read with your doggo by your side and pack of CBD dog treats!

The Org

The Org book cover
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The Org is for the politically minded dogs and pawrents who believe in fighting climate change and making the world a better place before it is too late.

“Scott, I prefer a close-up shot, please!” – Bella.

The Org takes readers into a world where the population is faced with food shortages and deteriorating weather patterns, panic, and unrest. Much like the novel, these crises could very well be our near future. The plot of this political thriller thickens as you find out how a presidential candidate is a prime suspect in the murder of the Org – a political cult. It is only a matter of time until a keen reporter on the case uncovers the truth.

Want to unearth the truth for yourself during the dog days of summer? Get The Org by Scott Brody on Amazon today.

Angels in the Mist

Angels in the Mist book cover
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Angels in the Mist is for all the sci-fi fantasy fans and adventure-loving dogs who secretly wish they could fly.

Ryan Southwick and his brother are so fond of Shirley – the poser.

Experience the heart of Silicon Valley and unleash some super technology to fight back against an ancient and mighty evil that’s on the loose in San Francisco. Anne Perrin is a waitress who has no idea that her life will dramatically shift gears as she ventures into the city to find happiness. Her first night out in ages turns into a nightmare when her date turns on her with sadistic intent. Then enters the hero—Charlie, the smart, kind, and partner Anne has been looking for. What happens next?

Buckle up and get ready to discover a whole new world with your pupper this summer. Order Angels in the Mist, the first of the amazing Z-Tech Chronicles series by Ryan Southwick.


The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris

The Last Surviving Dinosaur book cover
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The Mom’s Choice Award-winning The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris is a children’s book we highly recommend for all kids to read with their puppy best friend.

Steven’s dog, Albus Dumbledog chilling in the shade.

We all get cranky from time to time. But negative connotations associated with crankiness make you feel there’s something wrong with you. This book discusses crankiness like no other. Author Steven Joseph’s fun, playful style of storytelling delivers an enjoyable read and shows you how you can embrace being cranky as a natural instinct. After all, crankiness began with the last surviving dinosaur.

Looking for a fun book for your little ones and their furry best friends during these dog days of summer? Get your copy of The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris today.

Say Goodbye and Goodnight

Say Goodbye and Goodnight book cover
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Say Goodbye and Goodnight is a love story for everyone who roots for the underdog.

Author David Ruggerio and Lucca fishing for lobsters.

Award-winning author David Ruggerio takes you on a walk down the Brooklyn streets in the ‘70s. In a close-knit Italian neighborhood, an unconventional love story is about to unfold. Anthony, a young professional fighter, finds true love in Gia when he meets her for the first time. Anthony and Gia have to navigate through family expectations, friendships, and clashes between rival gangs. Will their love survive?

Cheer Anthony in his greatest fight. Order your copy of Say Goodbye and Goodnight on amazon.

Clean Water for Developing Countries

Clean Water for Developing Countries
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Clean Water for Developing Countries is for all the water dogs and their humans who want everyone around the world to have fresh, clean water.

Dogs that want fresh and clean water for all

So many of us don’t think twice when we use water in our day-to-day lives. We have the luxury of clean water at our disposal. Water is a basic human necessity, however, it’s alarming to see the number of remote places in developing countries that lack any access to clean water. John Dracup’s goal is to apply his expertise in water resource engineering and use his first-hand experience with clean water projects help to make clean water for all.

If you want to take a dive into the best strategies and methods for providing access to clean water everywhere, order Clean Water for Developing Countries now.

Junker Blues Series

The Junker Blues series is a superb space opera series that will transport you and your super doggo to outer space.

Junker Blue Series book cover
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Get ready for a fantasy ride filled with fantastic sci-fi adventure and cosmic action in author Lon Varnadore’s book series. The story follows Marcus Redding, a junkologist living at the border of the Belt and Mars. In the first book, Mars, Marcus searches for tech from ships of the Pre-Crawl days. With a deep secret and a painful past, he has chosen to live in isolation. Find out what happens when he meets his new partner, Lashiel, an alien hybrid. Will she bring prosperity to his life, or will she bring him closer to death?

Lon Varnadore with his scene-stealer.

Follow Marcus’s quest in the second book, The Belt, where Marcus and his friend, Harley, try to solve a mystery from an old Pre-Crawl ship, double-crossing allies and making a deal…with another overlord called Eridani.

Are you and your furry best friend ready for some sci-fi action? Get the Junker Blues series here.


Pet Fashion Industry Patterns

Pet Fashion Patterns book cover
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Pet Fashion Industry Patterns is a coffee table book for all the “furbulous” fashionistas that can easily become a cherished conversation piece.

Laurren Darr with her fashionista, Bella.

Laurren Darr is the founder of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. Her exclusive and stylish business trend book comes from years of observations of the pet fashion industry. It provides valuable insights to those seeking an understanding of pet fashion industry developments including Pet Trends, Lifestyle Trends, Market Trends, and MicroTrends. You will find a lot of information in a creatively presented, concise format. And wait till you read the titles of the chapters: “Purr-fect Fashion,” “Chicks Dig It,” “Furbulous Fashion Meets Function,” and more! We sure are digging it.

Hurry, grab your copy of Pet Fashion Industry Patterns at Barnes & Noble today.

No matter your personality or choice of genre, you’ve surely found some interesting books for the dog days of summer. If they leave you craving more bookish content and news on latest book releases, sign up for the Books That Make You Newsletter today.

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