Becoming a Benefactor with Dr Lenny Peters, author of Barefoot to Benefactor

We’re talking about Books That Make You Go From Being Barefoot to a Benefactor – Helping Others Despite Adversity

Stories of people who give service to others and make sacrifices are among the most compelling, aren’t they? Especially when the person is doing everything in their power to help all people, even as they themselves encounter adversity in the form of anti-immigrant sentiments and lack of cultural understanding.

Despite the daunting odds, our guest today went from being barefoot to a benefactor. Dr. Lenny Peters delivers his gripping story in his memoir.

Today, Dr. Peters is renowned in North Carolina as the founder of a revolutionary medical network, a bank for the underserved, a cutting-edge research facility, and a world-class charity foundation, as well being an accomplished, caring physician. Most would be surprised to discover his humble roots in the small village of Kerala, India, and his hard-fought journey to achieve his ambitions and gain acceptance as an immigrant of color.

His book is called Barefoot to Benefactor: My Life Story of Faith and Courage

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