Become A Millionaire with Michael E. Bash, author of Million Dollar Miracle

We’re talking about Books That Make You Become A Millionaire

We’ve all dreamed it. Being rich, getting the house and clothes and traveling, living life on our terms because we made savvy investments that paid off big time.

We usually think of books and systems that promise you ways to get rich as just dreaming, you know, pie in the sky. But what if there was a book out there, written by someone who has done it himself, that can help you become a millionaire?

Our guest today is Michael E. Bash, author of “Million Dollar Miracle”. In it, he reveals, with straightforward, easy-to-understand advice, how you could make millions of dollars and never have to work again.

A successful real estate mogul, Michael has been involved with major planning and zoning projects, building and developing a number of shopping centers, hundreds of homes, office buildings, water and sewer systems, and nearly 3,000 apartment units and condos throughout New York State. He helped fund Danny Thomas’s annual telethon for St. Jude’s Hospital, which raises $10-20 million per year.

He also participated in building the Laniado Hospital in Netanya, Israel, and is one of the founders and contributors to the Jerusalem Great Synagogue. In addition, Bash has contributed $1 million to Ben Gurian University in Israel.

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