Beach Bound Book Bash Event Schedule

The Annual Beach-Bound Book Bash returns for its 8th annual event on June 8, 2024, bringing readers and writers together for a fun virtual tea and literary celebration. The event takes place from 2:00pm to 4:00pm Pacific Time and is available to watch on the Books That Make You YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Open to all, The Beach-Bound Book Bash free event hosts games and offers prizes in its Facebook Group.

  • 2:05pm PT
  • Becca Fox author of the BookFest Award-winning series, “Chosen by the Masters,” will read from one of her lesser-known works, “The Andromeda’s Ghost,” and geek out about “Firefly.”
  • 2:20pm PT
  • Scott Ryan will discuss his newest book, “The Last Decade of Cinema,” and share stories about seeing his favorite summer movies of the ‘90s.
  • 2:30pm PT 
  • Rebecca Hendricks, author of the “Hound Dogged” series, will discuss the history of 1950s rock n’ roll with some humor and maybe even a live performance thrown in. 
  • 2:40pm PT
  • Samantha Atzeni, author of the pocket-sized book, “W(h)ine & Cheese,” will share tips for surviving any summer party as an introvert and handling necessary social interactions.
  • 2:50pm PT
  • Ann Charles, a USA Today Bestselling Author, will discuss setting an impactful tone for your book in its introduction by using several examples from her own published works.
  • 3:00pm PT
  • Steven Joseph, author of “A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness” and its recent follow up, “Cranky Superpowers,” will explain how crankiness can be your true superpower.
  • 3:10pm PT
  • Dr. Paul D. Corona, M.D. will read a passage from his book “The Corona Protocol,” and share tips from his breakthrough mental health treatment utilizing an innovative, holistic approach.
  • 3:20pm PT
  • Kelly Anne Manuel, author of over 30 children’s books, will read from the contagiously optimistic, “My Name Is Wing,” and discuss the importance of childhood wonder as an adult.
  • 3:30pm PT
  • Roger Leslie will read from his newly released LGBTQ+ young adult novel, “No Stranger Christmas,” and empower listeners to follow their own unique spiritual path.
  • 3:40pm PT
  • Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes, author of “A Fifth of the Story,” will share some of her worst fears and invite others to add to the list of worries and live courageously.
  • 3:50pm PT Giveaway winners will be announced3

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