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Be a Part of The Little Free Library Movement

While taking a walk through my neighborhood I can’t help but smile when I see a Little Free Library. Have you seen them around? They’re small wooden boxes outside of homes, apartment complexes or stores. They store books and encourage people to take a book and leave a book, as a free book exchange for everyone.


Unlike traditional library’s, The Little Library never closes or requires a library card. It brings the joy of books to everyone, whether they live near a library or miles away. Real people share books with their neighbors and community, bringing everyone a little closer together.


What makes The Little Library unique is it relies on the honor system. If you take a book it is best practice to either return said book when you are finished, or add a different book to the library shelf. This is a fantastic way to promote reading and sharing.


I hope to put a little library in front of my home soon, and I encourage everyone with the ability to do so. Here is more information on how to set up your own The Little Library.  However, if you are unable to set a library up at the moment there are other ways you can join The Little Library movement.


  • The Little Library’s need books. As you can imagine, with the best intentions some people borrow books but forget to leave a book. Sometimes Little Library’s find themselves short stocked and needing new inventory. Why not scan your book shelf at home and find the books you’ve read that you’re willing to part with? Walk to your nearest Little Library and donate your old books.


  • Do you have an absolute favorite book, one you want the world to read? Buy a few copies and leave the must-have book in various Little Libraries in your community. Share your favorite book with all your neighbors!


  • Have your kids grown out of some of their old children books? Consider donating their old books to The Little Library. Children love scanning the shelves of The Little Free Library in hopes of finding a treasure. Make a little-one’s day by providing them with a new book.


  • If you have a library, or plan to build one, make sure you check on it from time to time. Although Little Libraries are designed to be self-sufficient, they sometimes need a little help. Throw in a few classics, popular novels, and children books every time you see the shelves empty.

It’s so encouraging to see people show their love of books by setting up their own Little Free Libraries. It’s a wonderful way to encourage reading in children and adults alike. There is a simple joy in picking out a book and starting a new story that should be experienced by all. I love seeing Little Free Libraries around town and try to do my part in keeping the movement thriving.

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